Limouge Launch Party: A success story!


MIM celebrated the hard work of its team and Limouge’ s at Limouge Travel and Tourism launch party that took place on 30th April, 2014 at the Address Hotel, Dubai- UAE.   The party started with a remarkable speech that Mr. Amro Kamel, the owner, presented welcoming his guests and sharing his joy with his team, as well as introducing his group of companies. Mr. Amro also discussed how he thought of expanding his family business and established Limouge. The Marketing Executive – Mathew Vinod took forward by telling more on Limouge Travel and Tourism. The speech was followed by several cultural dances such as Salsa, Hawaiian, Mexican, Spanish, and a couple more dances to entertain the guests.  Finally, the event was concluded by a draw which consisted of coupons of free trips to Switzerland, Bangkok and Thailand for three lucky winners.

MIM was proud to be part of this success since MIM, with its wide experience in e-hospitality and e-commerce industry, prepared the Feasibility Study for Limouge, which shows viability and potential good return on investment, After taking the decision to start establishing the company (Limouge) The owner considered the feasibility study as a tool and business plan to guide in how to create the company to the point of operation.

MIM’s consultants, who are specialists in establishing companies, supported Limouge in all legal issues such as compliance with all regulations set by the Tourism Department and Economic Department to the point of getting all required licensing to start the business. Furthermore, our sister company, Ebtikarat Development, based in Egypt, created and developed their online portal including the integration with all international tourism networks that have agreements with Limouge. As well as providing accounting services such as installing the accounting software, book keeping  and recruitment services for Limouge to hire the right talents and experienced staff.

In addition, MIM developed the corporate governance of Limouge including the board policy, the policies and procedures for all departments, company structure, job description, templates and formats, reporting system and authority matrix, etc.

Altogether, it was an amazing event celebrating our success, celebrating and announcing the takeoff moment of Limouge, and we are hoping for Limouge Travel a prosperous futureto start gaining the fruits of their hard efforts. We will be looking forward for more success stories like Limouge in the near future and we wish Limouge Travel and Tourism all the best for future.

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