MIM recently started conducting a feasibility study in Hydroponics. Hydroponics is an advanced technique in growing plants, fruits and vegetables, using mineral nutrient solution. This technique involves growing plants in water tanks using organic fertilizers which cease the need for chemical fertilizers and hence reduce the side effects of such chemicals on human health.

The Promoter of the business is Mr. Mohammed Saleh, Al Ain – UAE. MIM has started conducting the feasibility study of the business including the technical, financial and economical study which will assist in implementation of the Business.  Emirates University, Al Ain – UAE, had previously prepared a study on the same business idea, and had actually implemented the project on a small scale by building up a small farm with aquariums where farmed fish secrete ammonia and other nutrients. This water is then filtered from all impurities and sediments leaving only useful nutrients and ammonia. Thus the remaining water will be used in growing plants hydroponically since it contains natural organic fertilizers.

The idea of the project depends on using aquariums to produce organic fertilizers; where they grow plants hydroponically using the water of the farmed fish or other aquatic animals after filtration. This method not only promotes growing plants using organic fertilizers but is also a way of recycling to save water and make use of the waste produced by farmed fish.