MIM is a specialized leading consultancy firm with over 36 years of experience in the field of feasibility studies and management consultancies serving the region’s top corporations and government organizations.
Through MIM’s industry-specific management consulting expertise, we help develop and execute business strategies based on the clear and consistent understanding of what had worked or will work in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing environment.
We have worked in various industries in the past, and one of these industries is the Poultry Business. MIM conducted feasibility studies on a Poultry Farm for Khoory Hill LLC, and poultry farm production and distribution for Royal Trading JLT in Dubai.
Because of our specific expertise in these areas, MIM is now contracted by a private firm to conduct a Feasibility Study for a Camel Dairy Production in UAE. Currently, there are only two companies who produce and distribute camel dairy products in the UAE – Al Ain Dairy Farm and Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products. MIM will also conduct a feasibility study for a poultry farm as requested by the client.
This feasibility study will help assess the current market demand for camel dairy in the UAE and the technical, operational, and financial aspects of the industry.