1- What is MIM?

MIM is a private establishment based in the United Arab Emirates that offers services in Industrial and Commercial Consultations and Business Development in most Middle Eastern countries.


2- What services does MIM offer in Project Management?

The services MIM offers are basically administrative, to guide and assist management, if required, in making strategic decisions or in the commissioning stage, according to a signed agreement.


3- What services does MIM provide in Equipment?

MIM researches to find the best available and appropriate technologies for a given project. MIM also obtains offers and quotations from various suppliers and plants; utilizing its expertise and the extensive relations it enjoys with reputable machinery suppliers in various countries. MIM aims to give the Investor the opportunity to make requisite decisions and to provide him with the consultant’s opinion on some intricate details and in the proper time to start contractual negotiations with suppliers for the purchase and installation of equipment.


4- Does MIM assist in Recruitment?

Upon the Investor’s request, MIM will assist in selecting qualified personnel for project management and will also provide advice on the experience required for each job.


5- Does MIM promote the Marketing of Products?

MIM does not carry out execution activities such as product marketing, but may prepare marketing plans, formulate strategies and policies, and guide the investor into the actual/potential and local/international markets for the product.


6- What are the available Finance Sources?

There are different finance sources for industrial projects. They can be either governmental or private sources.


7- Are these Finance Sources interest-based or interest-free?

Not all finance sources adopt the interest system.


8- As an Investor, do I have to invest in part of the capital, or does the Finance Source cover it completely?

The investor has to employ a part of the capital in the project.


9- Are there any Bank Guarantees for Financing?

There should be guarantees, and each financing body has certain guarantee requirements.


10- What is the project deemed best by MIM?

The answer to this question is dependent on different factors, mainly market research, volume of investment, availability of raw materials, export potentials, product specifications, and conformity with environment protection standards.


11- What are the criteria of a Successful Project?

A successful project can be summarized in the following:

  • The ability to market products that can cover about one third of the deficiency of local demand.
  • Wide export horizons and competitors for the project products.
  • To ensure that project production costs are low when established in a certain geographic area in comparison to similar existing projects.
  • The compliance of the proposed project with local, national, or international standards.
  • The project should not harm the Environment.


12- How to get the consultation services of MIM?

The Investor should send a fax to MIM explaining the proposed project for investment, or his/her interest in investment, with the following details included:

  • Investment sum
  • Type of project
  • Location of project
  • Production capacity


13- Who is the contact person for any queries on projects or MIM activities?

For any queries, please contact: Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Tel.: 00971504530087


14- Can Finance Houses/companies and Industrial Companies establish an Interactive Link with MIM?

Yes, an interactive link with MIM can be established under an agreement.