Asel Al Maayer


About Asel Al Maayer

Asel Al Maayer is one of MIM’s sister companies, providing a wide range of professional services such as auditing, bookkeeping & accounting, and consulting services.

We focus on the continuous professional development of our employees in order to provide our clients the best up -to -date services in terms of audit techniques and methodologies.

Asel Al Maayer helps your firm grow, in terms of profitability, with minimum cost, less time, a modern style of management, and flow of managerial information system.  In addition, Asel Al Maayer offers the highest level of expertise and dedication in auditing and consulting services to give your firm the opportunity to compete in today’s markets.

How we work

Auditing services is Asel Al Maayer core business, and our professionals have passion for what they do.  By understanding each client’s business, we convert information into insights to help uncover issues and opportunities to help our clients improve their operational efficiency, performance and financial reporting.

We work with our clients to improve their overall financial reporting processes. Ultimately, we see our audit as more than just numbers and compliance. Our goal is to help our clients better understand their business.  We consider it our job to keep our clients informed all year long of accounting, financial and regulatory developments that may affect their business. Moreover, we provide continuity of service that is incomparable in the industry.

Our services

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