MIM Services

Feasibility Studies & Business Plan

 It is estimated that only one in fifty business ideas are actually commercially viable. Therefore,  a Business Feasibility Study is an effective way to safeguard against wastage of further  investment or resources. A Feasibility Study helps you evaluate if a business should be  conducted or not, what will be the drawbacks and the advantages and what will the possible  solutions … Read More »

Corporate Governance Models

What is Corporate Governance? The governance model is developed to help staff and management teams run the company, it specifies the rights and duties of each person associated to the company. It is developed focusing on the mission and objectives. Which then forms into media by which management’s plans, rules, intents, and business processes become documented and communicated to all … Read More »

Internal Audit

MIM helps companies to: Understand and comply with regulatory requirements. Implement the right corporate governance framework in regard to these regulations. Establish appropriate compliance practices. The scope and extent of internal audit and SCR is usually client-specific and is, therefore, rightly viewed by clients essentially as a value-added assignment. The underlying focus is on identification of the specific needs and … Read More »     

Business Development

Presentation development
Business Development, as the name implies, is all about growing and developing a business. Business development can be simply defined as creating long term sustainable value for a company through customers, markets and relationships; utilizing these three to create business opportunities for continuous growth.  Therefore, MIM, through its business development services, can actually make your business GROW ! Business development … Read More »

Business Consulting

Trainig programs
At all business levels: Entry Strategy, restructuring, Merger integration. Entry Strategy    Help establishing new companies; including preparing the framework, article of association, shareholders agreement and any other procedures to start the business. Joint ventures and strategic alliances. Feasibility studies & business evaluation. Restructuring Many companies face problems in the restructuring in line with the latest developments and economic conditions, … Read More »

Business Valuation

Business Valuation
In today’s time before starting up or ending any part of the business it is very important to estimate the value of that business. Business valuation is evaluating different assets of business in terms of monetary value to analyze the worth of the business. Business valuation is not only done at the time of selling the business but before buying, … Read More »

Performance Improvement

MIM and Asel Al Maayer operational improvement services can help your company to improve the value of its accounting and finance functions by shifting the focus from tactical to strategic. Your organization can move to improved practices, enhancing its value to internal and external customers. Improvement services including PMS and training courses Performance Measurement System (PMS) There is variety of reasons … Read More »

Preparation for ISO & QMS

Preparation for ISO_QMS
We are an esteemed firm engaged in providing Quality Management Services (QMS) Consultancy Services for ISO 9001:1994, ISO 9002:1994 and ISO 9001:2000 certifications. Our services are executed under the assistance of experienced professionals, who have immense expertise in this industry. These services are widely demanded in various industries such as electronic, mechanical, construction, plastic, steel fabrication plants, stone crushers, desalination plants etc. … Read More »

Management Consulting & GRC

Job analysis & Organization analysis Creative sales & marketing programs to improve brand awareness and maximize revenue Analyzing business operations Change management & team building Human capital management Risk identification and management Governance. Risk & Compliance (GRC) We help companies to: Understand and comply with regulatory requirements. Implement the right corporate governance framework in regard to these regulations. Establish appropriate … Read More »


Arbitration is the simplest, most cost effective and less time consuming method to resolve disputes amicably. Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim, the Managing Director, is an expert in Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC); managing a large number of cases from Dubai Land Department. In addition to that, Mr. Mahmoud has been certified as an international arbitrator from the Egyptian Chamber for International Commercial …Read More »