Business Development


Business Development, as the name implies, is all about growing and developing a business. Business development can be simply defined as creating long term sustainable value for a company through customers, markets and relationships; utilizing these three to create business opportunities for continuous growth.  Therefore, MIM, through its business development services, can actually make your business GROW !

Business development occurs in 4 areas:

Organizational Development

  • Assess the current organizational structure and determine the appropriate organizational structure
  • Develop a long-term strategy
  • Performance management
  • Leadership and management development

Operational Development

  • Evaluation stages and different operating mechanisms to identify areas of weaknesses & inefficiencies
  • Operational planning process to achieve maximum utilization and reduce the rumbling and wasted time, and increase productivity
  • Provide modern operating techniques and propose new mechanisms

Marketing Development

  • Study the market and determine the appropriate marketing opportunities
  • Development of strategic plans for marketing and sales
  • Propose new markets and ideas for the  products/ services

Financial Development

  • Reconsider the system costs and work to reduce them without compromising the operational process
  • Evaluation of pricing policy for products or services established based on marketing studies to determine the best price for profits
  • Study to improve cash flows and work to be provided to the extent that can realize the suitable investment opportunities