Business Valuation


In today’s time before starting up or ending any part of the business it is very important to estimate the value of that business. Business valuation is evaluating different assets of business in terms of monetary value to analyze the worth of the business. Business valuation is not only done at the time of selling the business but before buying, setting up or changing the current business as well.

MIM and Asel Al Maayer valuation services professionals provide a full range of general or industry-specific valuation services to public and private corporations, private equity firms, governments, insurance carriers, attorneys, institutions, fiduciaries, private investors, family-owned interests and high net worth individuals.

Our valuation services include:

  • Financial reporting valuations
  • Valuations for corporate and individual
  • Transaction-related valuations
  • Valuation-related dispute resolution
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring-related valuations
  • Executive compensation- related valuation
  • Other valuation assignments