Performance Improvement


MIM and Asel Al Maayer operational improvement services can help your company to improve the value of its accounting and finance functions by shifting the focus from tactical to strategic. Your organization can move to improved practices, enhancing its value to internal and external customers.

Improvement services including PMS and training courses

Performance Measurement System (PMS)

There is variety of reasons for doing business performance measurement (BPM) for a given firm. It is prepared chiefly to improve control over the firm in ways that traditional system has not allowed, maximize the effectiveness of the improvement efforts, achieve alignment with company’s objectives and goals, and to reward and to discipline the performance of employees, and finally significant part being maximization of profits. Several approaches or framework for building and managing BPM systems have evolved. There are specific approach for specific performance measurement system, the popular being balanced scorecard approach, that covers the below mentioned areas of business

The financial perspective The strategy for growth, profitability and risk from the shareholder’s perspective.
The customer perspective The strategy for creating value and differentiation from the perspective of the customer.
The internal business perspective The strategic priorities for various business processes that create customer and shareholder satisfaction.
The learning and growth perspective The priorities to create a climate that supports organizational change, innovation and growth.

We provide the service of Business Performance Measurement (BPM) and employ the best suitable BPM approach to ensure the client’s motive is achieved.  It based on the requirement of client, how intense the client want to conduct the BPM. Levels of intensity will be explained and agreed, and based on proposal and agreement we proceed with BPM.

Training Courses 

Assist clients in professional development of their personnel in various functional areas and skills through in-house and open audience workshops and programs. This includes:

  • Understanding requirements of client’s organization
  • Development and updating of new and existing technical material to reflect client’s requirements and current concepts
  • Discussion on the training material with client’s representatives
  • Conducting interactive training workshops

MIM is providing training course in various programs, under highly qualified professionals, such as:

  • Financial Analysis.
  • Projects management.
  • English speaking and writing skills.
  • Media presentation skills.
  • Accounting – extensive course.
  • GAB communication.