VAT & Taxation Consultancy

We, MIM International Consultancies having several years of experience providing various types of business related consultancy services in UAE; we have the proficiency and insight to help you understand new legislation. Our team of certified auditors, accountants, and tax specialists can help your business in-house recording and filing processes to ensure that your company has rightly complied with the Tax law. We will help you identify the potential financial challenges you might face in the implementation of VAT and also help in developing a smart strategy to help your company tide the changes those are to come.

Drawing from our knowledge of best practices of VAT law around the world, as well as our understanding of UAE specific business practices, are well placed to support you through the transition to becoming VAT compliant and to assist you with VAT accounting, structuring and filing going forward.


VAT Services that we provide are as follows

  • Company registration with the local tax authorities
  • Providing updates on all the changes in tax regulations
  • VAT audits and litigation support assistance.
  • Ensuring business practices are in compliance with VAT requirements
  • Advising, developing, and aiding in restructuring transactions, supply chain, and other associated processes
  • Advising and supporting with regard to necessary changes in the IT systems and applications.
  • Industry-focused VAT Consultancy (e.g., retail/ marketing, financial services, real estate)
  • Preparing tax calculations.
  • Management or review of Corporate books of accounts.
  • Implementation of an accounting software with VAT features.
  • Calculation of VAT deductible on purchases and VAT charges on supplies at the correct rate.
  • Calculation of input and output VAT on imports and exports from member countries and non-member countries
  • Calculating and claiming refunds for VAT for businesses that are resident and non-resident
  • Keeping the correct documentation in relation to invoices, records, account, VAT returns, etc.
  • Calculation of Net tax payable to local tax authorities.

Filing tax returns and paying the net amount with local tax authorities within the prescribed deadlines.