President Message

To all our valued clients,
We rely on our business philosophy to provide full assistance to our worthy clients to help them solve all their problems and develop their business, and for that we care:-

  • Performance development in order to maximize profitability and improve the situation of the cash flows to make a balance between business growth and the need for the company to provide the cash to pay its obligations when due, in addition to the ability to distribute a percentage of their profits in the form of cash dividends.
  • To assist in the formation of healthy workplace environment and friendly culture in the company, which will build trust between the company and its customers on one hand, and help retain employees in the company and make them more dedicated on the other hand.

In order to achieve this, we give emphasis to training our staff on the latest best practices in the field of auditing, financial and management consulting, and preparation of feasibility studies. We believe in the continuous development and education of our staff as a tool to improving the services that we provide to our clients. Our skilled staff has expertise in different areas, and for this reason we are able to provide our clients a service where different aspects are taken into consideration. We have a team of professional and dedicated consultants and experts in the following areas: –

  1. Auditors qualified in Audit and accounting.
  2. Internal audit and internal control.
  3. Financial Management.
  4. Specialists in economic feasibility studies.
  5. Specialists in risk assessment and risk management.
  6. Specialists in business development.
  7. Specialists in corporate governance systems

Our team of consultants and professionals hold international qualifications, and are always ready to provide you high quality services that is highly efficient and in line with the local environment, local laws and standards.

We highly appreciate your advice and comments that will help us improve our services and support; to develop your business according to your targets and requirements.

Together we can improve the business.  Our feasibility study will tell you if your business idea is feasible, then we assist you in starting the business of your dream by setting the correct business plan, and provide you ongoing support all through your path.

Mahmoud Ibrahim