MIM is committed to helping all of its stakeholders grow and succeed. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business goals and provide our professionals with rewarding careers. We work with leading corporations, govt & NPOs around the world on the growth issues that are most important to today’s Business world. Growth in this region involves identifying new opportunities through creativity and insight; it also involves removing growth barriers that build up over time in any organization.

It’s not only about knowing where to grow, but also how to overcome what holds you back. MIM offers a portfolio of strategic advisory, capability-building and capital services for clients seeking to grow top-and bottom-line performances, shareholder value, the skills of their people and organizations, and their social impact.

We partner with our clients to generate sustainable growth patterns over time, leading to distinguish strategic competitive advantages. Our experience in the MENA region, especially in the GCC, spans over a lustrous 32 years of consultancy-services experience.

We are appointed as management consultants to many private companies and government entities in the region. Our knowledge and experience in HRD Strategies, Accounting, Business analysis, Systems development, Process improvement and Business optimization will assist you in minimizing your time and efforts toward a more profitable business.

Our Mission

To develop and improve society’s economic resources through providing high levels of quality in clients services, that contributes to continuous development of economical performance across public & private sectors.

Our Vision

We are looking forward to be a leading player in the field of Management Consultancy and Feasibility Studies in the MENA by 2020.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Provide the highest level of quality in customer service.
  • Implementation of international standards and best practices.
  • Investigate the credibility, independence, reliability, accuracy and professional integrity.
  • Serve all clients in all their business requirements without compromising professional ethics and applicable laws.